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November 3, 2007

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For those of us poor blokes missing the festivities

November 2, 2007

Image: Courtesy of Unknown GMS Student.

Check out for some kind souls who have been updating pictures from the centenary. If you do have pictures to share please host it up there or send to us.. thanks..

Congratulations past, present and future Goethalites on our Centenary

November 2, 2007

100 years and albeit about time… Congrats and too all who made it there have fun and enjoy it for the rest of us who just couldn’t make it there. Well after all the fun and festivities for those coming back to the site… “things” that were broken are now fixed. Have Fun.

And now to abuse my power as admin for this blog… to all my fellow goats from 1992 — sorry that I missed out on meeting up with you guys…. I do miss you guys and it would have been awesome — have fun without the “Bhutty Monkey” and take lots of pics.. Chhimi


December 24, 2006

I Take this opportunity of wishing each one of you and your families


For each of us 2007 will be the year so many of us has been waiting for to celebrate and give thanks to God for the numerous blessings he has bestowed on us over the years. I have just received official word and confirmation that Br. Fitzpatrick is going to be here for the celebrations. Many of the ex- Mt. Carmel Brothers have confirmed their plans to visit GMS for the celebrations. The more we have the greater the re-union wil be. I am presently here in the school taking care of the maintenance work that is going on and we do hope to have most of it completed for the reopening of the hostel. We have had a number of ex-pupils here these past few months. Great listenig to their stories I can see a great attachment and love for the old school.

Looking forward to meeting all of you in the course of the year.

With renewed greetings.
Br. Beddoe.

Another Video Post (Warning for Dial up users)

November 9, 2006






To all GMS (ex-students or current),

If you have any video’s of school and would like to share them. Email me and we can find out a way to share them with all the other Goethalites.


Latest Centenary Information from Br. Beddoe (Nov 4, 2006 9:24 PM)

November 5, 2006

Last evening our core-committee met in the school to discuss and draw up further plans for the Centenary Celebrations.  I give below the program for centenary week which is as follows:

  • The Centenary Website: At our meeting it was decided for the convenience of all concerned to have two official websites that would serve as a mouthpiece with the site administrator answerable to the Core-Committee. All information directly concerned with Celebrations, Travel etc. will be on: .
  • Br. M.R. Beddoe, will display all his messages on either : or
  • The websites will be interactive to ensure that any alumni as a group, or any ex-goethalite in an individual capacity should have access to post genuine ideas and suggestions related to the Centenary Celebrations. The site: will enable ex-students to reestablish contact.
  • Various sub-committees are being established to take care of travel and transport, accommodation,
    hospitality and management, registration, M.C. team,magazine committee, events management committee, food, assistance team and general. For information kindly log into
  • The Centenary Fete is scheduled for Sunday, 29th April, 2007 which marks the Official Opening  of GMS
    in 1907.
  • The Centenary Concert to be staged in May, 2007 will be reproduced in November,2007  for our guests.
  • I do look forward for whole-hearted co-operation at all times and we do hope to do our very best to make this Occasion a memorable one.
Date Events
1 Nov 2007 Eucharistic Celebration at 9:30 a.m.
Lunch for Invitees
Concert – 4:00 p.m.
2 Nov 2007 Centenary Exhibition at 9:00 a.m.
Concert – 4:00 p.m.
3 Nov 2007 Open day for Ex-pupils at GMS
Registration from 8:00 a.m.
4 Nov 2007 Open day for Ex-pupils at GMS
5 Nov 2007 A Free-Day – Program to be decided after suggestions to Core-Committee.
6 Nov 2007 Centenary Athletic Meet
Cultural Extravaganza
7 Nov 2007 “A Night to Remember”
Dewali Celebrations 5:00 p.m.
Dinner with Brothers/Staff/Boarders

Message from Br. Beddoe (NEW) October Friday 13th, 2006

October 14, 2006

Greetings from Goethals. It has been a long time since you heard from me. A lot has happened in the school and I have been totally pre-occupied with examinations, various activities and most important the Annual concert.

We staged A Grand Musical entitled SMIKE at the end of September. The show went on for six days to a packed hall. On each day of the performance the boys were terrific. The music and more important the dialogue was just the right choice for school boys. As I was so involved with the show I spent eight very quiet days in Kurseong and abandoned all plans to go sight-seeing any where.

The weather in Kurseong played spoil-sport prior to the holidays. However, thank God the typical October weather just now is a welcome. We have our Annual Sports on 20th October. You will not believe it but the kids are terrific and even though we have had such a very short time to prepare for the same I have every confidence in the boys for the big day. We have organized this year to introduce very trendy track-suits for the lads, and I think this is going to be an eye-catcher for all present. Later in the month we have the Inter-School Athletic Meet at Kalimpong. A contingent of nearly 40 boys will represent the school. The Annual Examinations will begin around 20th November, 2006 and then we close for the Winter Break on 30th November, 2006.

A lot of painting and renovation work will take up all our time during the winter in preparation for our Centenary Celebrations from 1st – 7th November, 2007.

I would like ex-pupils the world over to take note of my next statement: “All matters related to the Centenary Celebrations in GMS or relevant news items about plans will be given to all concerned directly by the Principal. Nobody has the authority to make any changes in interpreting any information that might be read on this WEBSITE. I would request all persons to refrain from sending out news items related to the immediate celebrations in the School. The Principal is the only person who will communicate in future about the Centenary at GMS.” Celebrations at the different Metros related to the Centenary are not the concern of the school. In point of fact I wish all celebrations a very happy time for all our ex-pupils the world over.

The Centenary is an occasion to go back in time and appreciate what the school means to all our boys, teachers and parents who have had in any way interacted with GMS. I appeal for whole-hearted co-operation from all our ex-pupils to enable us remember an occasion such as ours that comes once in a life time. The Principal will only deal with matters that concern the Centenary Celebrations.

I take this opportunity of wishing you wherever you are God’s choices blessings for Dewali.

Enjoy the celebrations.
With best wishes,
yours sincerely

Br. M.R. Beddoe

Message from Br. Beddoe

August 11, 2006

June-July At GMS.
School closed for the Mid-Term Holidays on 27th
June. Like all holidays the days went by so fast and
here we are plodding along with classes, card
tests, football practice and preparation for the
musical. Never a dull moment for any individual
in a boarding set-up.
GMS has always been great at the games. Just
yesterday we beat Mt. Hermon at SJC in the
finals of the Figora Cup (Fr. Jack Coffey Cup). The
scores up to the finals:
GMS – Victoria : 2-1
GMS – N.P. : 2-1
GMS – Mt. Hermon 2-1
The other teams that participated : DGH,
SPS, St. Augustines Kalimpong.
Our teams will now be going to ASANSOl
Then there is the Table Tennis mid August.
We are kept busy at our rehersals for our
production of SMIKE end Sept. The final show
on 27th. Sept. The Sports will be held on 20th.
As you can see all our efforts are a preparation
for the centenary celebrations Nov.2007
I will brief you on my return from Delhi about
further developments with the Alumni.
God Bless
Br. Beddoe

ex Goat Contact List

June 1, 2006

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Br Fitzpatrick

May 22, 2006

Br Fitzpatrick taken in St Josephs, Naini Tal in April. He had spent many years in Goethals and the older generation will remember him well. He’s 84 now but keeping and looking very well and has many a fond memory of Goethals.

With kind regards,
Br Martin Fernandes
St Augustine’s (Vasai)